Package org.jclouds.blobstore

Interface Summary
AsyncBlobStore Provides hooks needed to run a blob store asynchronously
BlobMap This allows you to access the underlying Blob so that you can manually set metadata such as length, content-type, or eTag hash.
BlobRequestSigner Generates signed requests for blobs.
BlobStore Synchronous access to a BlobStore such as Amazon S3
BlobStoreContext Represents a cloud that has key-value storage functionality.
InputStreamMap Map view of an
ListableMap<K,V> All Map views of ContainerListings provide means to access the underlying Blob.

Class Summary
BlobStoreContextFactory Helper class to instantiate BlobStoreContext instances.
BlobStores Utilities for using Blob Stores.
TransientAsyncBlobStore Implementation of BaseAsyncBlobStore which keeps all data in a local Map object.
TransientBlobStorePropertiesBuilder Builds properties used in transient blobstores

Exception Summary
ContainerNotFoundException Thrown when a container cannot be located.
KeyAlreadyExistsException Thrown when a blob was attempted to be replaced while it already exists
KeyNotFoundException Thrown when a blob cannot be located in the container.

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